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Intelligent Sunrise Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Phone Charging Station

Intelligent Sunrise Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Phone Charging Station

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The Intelligent Sunrise Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Phone Charging Station is very cool. This colorful Bluetooth Speaker Lamp & Phone Charging Station boasts some very intelligent electronic technology. This lamp has many functions. It's an alarm clock with a special sunrise simulation wake up light feature as well as a Bluetooth speaker. This multifunctional lamp has many cool features. It has 256 different lighting modes and a dimmable mode which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lights and can be controlled by an app. It has a built-in fast wireless charging station and has interactive capabilities which allows it to answer your phone calls. This lamp also comes with a natural sleep aid sound machine that helps you to relax and fall asleep peacefully.

1. Sleep light, sunrise wake-up light features.
2. Functions as atmosphere light, bedside lamp, colorful light display lamp, Bluetooth          speaker, alarm clock, natural sleep aid sound machine, and fast wireless charging            station.
3. Three color and seven color racing light pattern.
4. 256 different light modes and 16 million light colors can be adjusted through the link      APP

Product Information:

Specifications: black, light grey, white, blue, green, pink
Size: 22.5 * 8.2 * 23
Style: American

Packing List:

Atmosphere lamp * 1
USB cable * 1

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