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Refrigerator Storage Bin Organizers

Refrigerator Storage Bin Organizers

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This a set of 6 Refrigerator Storage Bin Organizers that allow you to easily organize and store your groceries and condiments in the refrigerator. They help you to better manage food and other items in your refrigerator. These bins provide the appropriate space for every item in the refrigerator. They also help to maximize the space available in your refrigerator, allowing you to store more items.


SET OF 6 - A set of 6 organizers which allow you to manage your groceries and other condiments by providing the appropriate space for the items in your refrigerator.
NOT DISHWASHER SAFE - Hand wash using a light detergent and water (temperature range -20 degree to 50 degree)
GREAT STORAGE CAPACITY - The bins are large enough to hold a decent quantity of the items being stored.
STRONG DURABLE, TRANSPARENT DESIGN - These bins are strong and durable and they last for long time. The transparent design makes it easier to see the  items you're storing. 
USER-FRIENDLY - These bins are built with handles and designed to take up minimal space. 


2pcs Big size fridge bin

(37.5x21.5x10cm) 460g

2pcs Small size fridge bin
(37.2x10.5x10cm) 280g
1pcs Small size drink storage
(34.5x13.8x9.5CM ) 330g
1pcs 14pcs egg storage box
(36.8x11x7.5cm ) 485g
Set weight: 1555g
Brown box size: 26.5*37.5*22CM

Package Content:

Refrigerator Storage 6-Piece Set*1

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